The Founding Team

  • Janardhan Swahar tadaa

    Janardhan Swahar

    Founder and CEO
    The evangelist of Ycook, started working on his idea in 2011 and moving on to set up the YCook factory in Bangalore in 2014. He is an retail banker turned entrepreneur. Every minute in the day he is passionately innovating on new and simple things that will enable people have more out of life. Swahar is ardent foodie and has a unique talent of being able to identify every ingredient in the food, however complicated it may be. By day he is at Ycook, In his spare time he is an adventure freak and a doting father, be it para- jumping off a cliff or playing horse for his daughters, he has the fullest of it all.

  • Vijay H Reddy tadaa

    Vijay H Reddy

    Co-Founder and COO
    He provides the nuts and bolts for the company making sure that every produce of the company is of utmost quality. A perfectionist in operation, Vijay has a knack of being able to arrive at solutions to the most complicated issues in the most simplistic way. In his free time, he straddles between adventure activities, building or fixing things up, and gazing the clear sky at night.

  • Dr Gayathri Swahar tadaa

    Dr Gayathri Swahar

    Co-Founder and CMO
    She has her ears on the ground so YCook is able to cater to the overt and latent needs of the consumers. She is the passionate architect of the Tadaa brand and is lover of the company and its products. In her spare time, she loves cooking up recipes at home or for YCook and is an avid foodie herself. To her, cooking is love made visible.