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Steamed Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes pack a powerful nutritional punch. Farm fresh harvest, perfectly steamed is loaded with beta carotene, fibre and potassium. All this with low glycemic index. Perfect as a snack, meal or dessert. Open pack, salad it, soup it, saute it, mash it or just plain eat it. Suit your mood.

How to use

Open the pouch and toss into any dish of your choice. Or saute with some ghee and a dash of pepper and salt and tease your taste buds to the wholesome goodness.


How to store

It is sterilised so can be safely kept in normal room temperature, does not need refrigeration. Once inner pouch is opened, refrigerate immediately and consume within 24 hours.



  • Sweet potates, water, salt.
  • When nature made it so perfect why add anything else?


Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of beta-carotene, which can be converted to vitamin A and help support your immune system and gut health.