A peek into our kitchen

From our farms to your tables, all along the way, we are obsessed about truly good food and we ensure that our products retain all of nature’s goodness, and we deliver products just the way nature intended. When nature made it so perfect, why alter?

Here’s a little glimpse into how we make our steamed corn on cob, and the same hygienic process and care continues as we steam all our products.

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Direct from our farms

Peak maturity sweetcorn is handpicked and bought to factory within hours of harvest. It is sorted and graded to choose the best for you.


We don’t take chances

Sweet corn cobs are washed multiple times to remove any farm impurities


Vacuum sealed

Each cob is carefully packed into pouches and vacuum sealed.


Steamed to perfection

Naturally steamed to perfection using our unique and differentiated retort processing.

“Tadaa! It’s ready for you”