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Steamed Kabuli Chana

The choicest grains of organically grown Kabuli Channa has been picked and naturally steamed to give you the magical goodness of nature. No more planning, washing, soaking, boiling or washing pressure cooker, just open a pack of steamed kabuli chana and toss out any dish of your choice it a jiffy. Chana masala, sundal, chana chat, pinde chole, hummus etc – Steamed kabuli chana can flaunt any avatar to suit the mood of your day and is the most versatile kitchen ingredient.

How to use

Open the pouch and toss into any dish of your choice.


How to store

It is sterilised so can be safely kept in normal room temperature, does not need refrigeration. Once inner pouch is opened, refrigerate immediately and consume within 24 hours.



  • Kabuli Channa, water, Salt.
  • When nature made it so perfect why add anything else?


Chickpeas are an excellent dietary source of iron thus prevent anemia.