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Busy entrepreneur and mother, Manjira Dutta shares her experience

I am always strapped for time but hate to order in too frequently. And those greasy ready-to-eat curries are just too bad! The added problem is that I’m also uncomfortable with leaving my daily cooking to a cook. So what to do? It was quite by chance that I got to know of Ta-daa and my problem was solved!

Yes, the corn is perhaps the most easily available of the Ta-daa products but what works for me best are the ready-to-cook rajma, channa (chola), toor dal (arhaar), potatoes and the sweet potato – spice up or season as liked and serve! Yes, no soaking or pressure cooking required for the rajma, chola, and dal; no boiling for the potatoes…

All you need to do is soak the packs in boiling water for a few minutes, cut, open and cook as liked. So easy and ready in minutes. I also find it very convenient to stock the packs for unexpected vegetarian guests. You can rustle up tasty rajma and chola even if not soaked overnight!

I was a bit concerned about the packaging but learnt that their conserving technology is top notch. Their preservation method is simple, they boil the products (retorting) to kill food decaying micro-organisms and then seal them in vacuum packs, with no air and no bacteria, food stays preserved for long in its natural state without the need of any preservatives.

This natural cooking process, where the produce is minimally processed, seals in the freshness, taste, texture, color and nutrients to bring you farm-fresh produce, for a year without any preservatives or additives or even refrigeration.

That’s not all, their farm-to-fork approach benefits both farmers and consumers alike. Farmers find a more economically viable and sustainable solution to get the best yield from the crop by enhancing the soil health and creating a sustainable farming ecosystem. While for consumers, it is the best way to get unaltered, preservative- free and nutritious food alternatives to their traditional food selection.

All their farms comply with the Global Good Agricultural Practices, ensuring zero-pesticide residue in their products. The products here are a result of extensive R&D to choose the right seeds and farming it themselves to bring to you impeccable quality products, grain after grain, pack after pack. The goodies are 100% natural with no nasties what so ever – no preservatives, no additives and also entirely non-GMO.

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