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Human beings have been preserving food since prehistoric times. But this practice was only perfected by the 20th century using various technological advancements. Many of these techniques are still in place today and are used for preserving a bounty of produce throughout the world. Let’s take a look at how preservation works and the unique preservation method Ta-daa uses to keep their products farm fresh


Many a times people think that preservation is synonymous to preservatives, not necessary. There are many methods where you can preserve food without adding any preservatives.

The process of preservation ensures there’s no decay or spoilage of food thus allowing it to be stored in a fit condition for future consumption. Preservation ensures that the quality, edibility and the nourishing value of the food remains intact and prevents the growth of bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms that cause food to go bad. Here are some common types of preservation methods without any preservatives:

Drying: the oldest method of food preservation which reduces water content of food and hence prevents bacterial growth.

Freezing: our good old refrigerators to the rescue!

Pickling: is basically preserving food in brine (salt solution) or marinating in vinegar (acetic acid).

Canning and bottling: sealing cooked food in sterile bottles and cans; the container is boiled killing or weakening the bacteria.


What makes Ta-daa stand out from the rest when it comes to preservation is their exceptional method of using retort pouches. Now what is retorting? It is a preservation process where the produce is put into packets which are pure vacuum (all the air has been sucked out of the packet and then sealed tightly with the food inside) this is done to ensure that there is no air for the bacteria or any other food decaying organisms to breathe and thrive in. This method makes sure that all our veggies retain their farm fresh goodness. The freshness and nutrition are locked in without any additives or preservatives. What’s more? No refrigeration is need as products stay fresh in ambient temperature for 12 months!

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