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The big bane of modern life? Lack of time! Close on the heels follow the challenge of trying to stay healthy through mounting environmental problems. Ta-daa holds out a helping hand… Read on to know more


Our purpose here at Ta-daa is to revolutionise cooking and encourage more people to eat healthy, home-cooked meals, by providing them with packed precooked options, to whip up some delicious food at home (ghar ka Khanna).

TA-DAA brings you a host of packaged, just-boiled lentils, vegetables and tubers with a unique health edge.


With taste, health and convenience all wrapped in one, Ta-daa’s ready-to-cook just boiled products are packaged within hours of harvest. Their unique and differentiated retort processing retains the peak harvest freshness, texture, colour, taste and nutrition, and brings farm-fresh produce to your urban kitchen.

Ta-daa provides convenience for busy housewives to cook up a quick and healthy meal for their kids and for hardworking professionals who need a fast and healthful snack on-the-go.

We source the best quality seeds and farm it ourselves to bring you the same superior quality of products every time. We don’t delegate this because quality is not a choice for us, but a way of life. This way we ensure that our goodies are 100% natural with no preservatives and no additives. Also by guaranteeing Global Agricultural practices, we ensure zero-pesticide residue in all our products. The foods at Ta-daa remains fresh for a year with no refrigeration (No hassle of crowding up the refrigerator – buy and stock in bulk). And the products here are also100% non-GMO!

Reach out for Ta-daa when you are strapped for time and need a nutritious and scrumptious fix for yourself, your little one or for a party of 10!


A range of fresh tubers which include Boiled Sweet Potatoes, Tapioca and Baby Potatoes. The lentils comprise Boiled Rajma, Chickpeas (Kabuli Channa) and Pigeon peas (Tuvar Dal). The heroes are Boiled Corn Kernels and Boiled Corn on the Cob!

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