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Not able to get in a nutritious home-cooked meal for yourself or your family because of time constraints? Ta-daa is just what you need!


Let’s take a couple of scenarios: A busy housewife managing the kids and taking care of household chores. A hard-working professional who is the last to leave office, coming home late and being too tired to cook. A frustrated mum running out of healthy and tasty snacking ideas for her little ones. An individual wanting to eat healthy but unable to afford the highly priced nutritious foods in the market. A travel enthusiast, needing a snack on-the-go. College students living away from home and missing the delight of home-cooked food. Sound familiar? If you fit into any of these situations, you are definitely a Ta-daa person!


The gruelling hard work is taken care of- by us. From sourcing the best quality seeds to cultivation and farming, we bring to you superior quality, ready-to-cook products that are simply boiled and packaged within hours of harvest. Firm believers of quality over rest, we are 100% natural with no preservatives or additives, with zero-pesticide residue in all our products. Our precooked foods ensure that there’s no time wasted on soaking, cleaning and peeling! Now that we have made it simple for you, no more excuses! All you have to do is choose from our list of varied products and whip up a quick and delicious dish. For the health conscious, our boiled chickpeas form the perfect food. Just throw them into the blender, mix them up with other ingredients and make yourselves some healthy hummus. You could also opt for our sweet potatoes to make an appetizing salad.


For the busy bee mums, hand your kids our boiled corn kernels or corn on the cob with a dash of salt and lime and you’re set – this one works well for all the travellers too! For the busy housewives, cooking up a quick dinner with our already boiled tuvar dal has never been easier!

For all those missing home-cooked meals, replicate your mum’s delicious rajma curry by giving our rajma a try. And for the hard-workers at office, all our precooked options are at your disposal, just take your pick and get cooking as you save time on all that soaking and peeling.

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