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Most of us love snacking on corn – not only are they healthy but they are also really delicious. But did you know that the corn you buy from the market may not be as healthful as you think? Let us break it down for you


There is a myth that is floating around claiming that corn is fattening and has tons of sugar. Honestly, corn has about the same number of calories as an apple and less than one-fourth of the sugar. In other words, it can be one of the healthier foods to serve at parties or eat as a snack! But beware of toppings, slathering on tons of butter and sprinkling too much salt does make it quite unhealthy.

Now comes the other factor – the one-day rule: corn has to be eaten on the day it is harvested, but the corn you get at the grocery stores, reaches you in three days, by then it loses all its healthful benefits. Never buy a cob that’s been out of the field for more than 24 hours.


At Ta-daa we take the one-day rule very seriously and ensure that when our corn reaches you, it still has all its health benefits intact. We manage to make this happen through our packaging and harvesting methods. We harvest the corn at the best time, lock in its goodness, and get them to you as quickly as possible (right on the day it is harvested).

Our preservation method, retorting – a preservation process where the produce is put into packets which are pure vacuum (all the air has been sucked out of the packet and then sealed tightly with the food inside) is done to ensure that there is no air for bacteria or any other food decaying organisms to breathe and thrive in.

What’s more? We also make sure while picking out the corn kernels we take out the entire seed without damaging or cutting the ‘germ’, which is that little white spot shaped like a flame found inside the corn. This part of the corn contains a boat load of micro-nutrients and nano-nutrients which are very nourishing for our bodies.

Unfortunately, most of the corn sold in the markets don’t have these nutritious lwhite specks, but we make certain that our corn kernels are hand-picked with care to ensure the ‘germ’ is included in each and every piece to bring you a good dose of health.

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